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More right-solid
More right-solid
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by Mademoi Selle
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This is the first step of Mademoi Selle. This five songs EP is filled with the distinctive groovy sound. It also have very experimental feelings inside. Dance and Shake Your Delusions! Mademoi Selle plays piano. In a mood of mutated jazz. By polished fingering. On stylish manner. With kinetic breakbeat and lively bassline. It's a sophisticated radical electro fusion sound. The new frontier area of post rock. This is the first release from mini netlabel Mizou. This is the point where something...
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Topics: Jazz, Fusion, Piano, Experimental, Indonesia, Electronic, Breakbeat, Post Rock, Instrumental
by MalaGioia
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Now the crisis is imminent to the world, the importance of punk rock is getting bigger. Nonetheless, the music which mechanically repeats beats and melodies, that has been commercialized for the people who are blind to the system by the capitalism economy, is spreading all over the world. Who is working to the behind of it. Post-modernization accelerates animalization. In these days, the punk has a big role to play. It is the music as a manifestation of intention to directly express the voice...
Topics: Alternative, Punk, Rock, indie, Social, Indie Rock, Italy